May 01, 2019

Neguse Advocates for Infrastructure Investment in the 2nd District Before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Washington D.C.— Congressman Joe Neguse testified before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure at today’s Members’ Day hearing. Below are his remarks:

“I represent the great 2nd district of the state of Colorado, including Boulder, Fort Collins and northern Colorado and many mountain communities, and my constituents are looking to leaders in Washington and representatives of this Committee to prioritize much needed investments in our infrastructure.”

“At the heart of my district, we are in need of investments for the critical transportation corridors of Interstate-70, US-36 and Interstate-25 that stretch across our state. Investment in our highway system would reduce hazardous congestion, and provide economic-development through jobs and accessibility for our local businesses.”

“In our mountain communities in particular, in Summit and Eagle Counties—which I am proud to represent—as well as Clear Creek County, the cities of Idaho Springs, Breckenridge and Frisco, we are in need of significant infrastructure investment to meet the need of population growth and heavy tourist traffic, that include as well investment in rural housing, rural broadband and yes, transportation.

“With respect to transportation infrastructure, improvements to Floyd Hill Westbound on the I-70 mountain corridor, it’s one of the most congested—from Floyd Hill to the Veterans Memorial Tunnel—and investment from this Congress and this Committee would certainly go a long way to alleviating those challenges. In addition, the I-25 northern corridor—it's the primary north-south interstate highway in northern Colorado—75,000 vehicles per day, and over the past 20 years there has been a 425% population increase in that area of our state and of course the infrastructure has not kept up with those needs.”

“As members of this Committee may be aware, our region and our state has grown rapidly, and our current infrastructure is simply no longer able to meet the needs of the population. We want to ensure our municipalities are equipped with infrastructure that is sustainable and green, and moves our communities closer to our goals for addressing climate change as well. Many of our cities in my district have pledged to “go green” and are looking for opportunities to benefit the region’s rapid growth while staying true to their environmental principles and goals.”

“Finally, I want to encourage the Committee to include education and school buildings when considering a comprehensive infrastructure package. Just last week, during the congressional recess, I had the opportunity to visit several schools in my district in Larimer County, Thompson School District and Fort Collins and there are a lot of building needs. There are areas where the buildings are dilapidated and in need of funding. It’s simply unacceptable that our country’s students are expected to learn in buildings that are in many cases not only falling apart, but unsafe to inhabit. I’m proud to cosponsor Chairman Bobby Scott’s Rebuilding America’s Schools Act and strongly encourage its inclusion in an infrastructure package.”

“Mr. Chair, I appreciate the opportunity to testify today and for your work and your leadership on this issue.”

View the full testimony here.