September 04, 2019

Representative Neguse Recognized as “Most Active Freshman Member” in 116th Congress

Congressman Neguse recognized by national data analytics firm as most active freshman lawmaker based on bills introduced

Washington D.C.—  Congressman Joe Neguse is the “Most Active Freshman” of Congress, says a new report by Quorum Analytics reviewing the first year of the 116th Congress. Neguse leads other Freshman Representatives, having introduced 21 bills since taking office in January 2019, the most of any of the 101 newly elected members analyzed by the report (a total of 67 new Democrats and 44 new Republicans.)

“Introducing legislation that will positively impact the people of Colorado’s second district will continue to be a priority for me, and we are excited about each and every bill and amendment that we have introduced this Congress,” said Congressman Neguse.

Since taking office, Congressman Neguse has introduced 21 bills, all which will make tangible impacts in the communities in his district. Among legislation he’s introduced include: 

Additionally, Congressman Neguse leads the freshman class with the most town halls, a record 21 since taking office in January.