May 24, 2019

Congressman Neguse Statement On Opening an Impeachment Inquiry

Washington D.C.—Representatives Joe Neguse issued the following statement on his support for opening an impeachment inquiry:

“The Special Counsel’s report clearly outlined sweeping and systematic Russian interference in our 2016 elections. And both Republican and Democratic members of Congress have noted that the report detailed multiple instances of impeachable conduct by the President."

“Prior to the report's public release, the Attorney General grossly misrepresented its findings.  And since that time, the Administration has engaged in a pattern of wholesale obstruction of Congress. The Judiciary Committee has worked diligently to conduct its critical oversight activities, which includes reviewing the underlying evidence of the Special Counsel’s report and further clarifying his conclusions and findings. Yet, the Administration continues to impede and obstruct that process at every turn by refusing to comply with subpoenas, refusing to produce documents, and refusing to let witnesses appear before the Committee to provide answers for the American people. Their efforts culminated most recently in the Administration directing a critical fact witness and now private citizen, Don McGahn, to defy a duly issued Congressional subpoena when he failed to appear before our committee on Tuesday morning.”

“The is not about politics. It is about protecting the rule of law in our country.  Given the findings of the Special Counsel's report, as well as the continued obstruction of Congress by the administration, I believe we should proceed with opening an impeachment inquiry."