May 03, 2019

Congressman Neguse Joins the Cities of Fort Collins, Loveland and Boulder to Support Bill to Enhance Local Control and Grow Broadband Access

Washington D.C.— Following meetings with city representatives in Fort Collins, Loveland and Boulder, Representative Joe Neguse (CO-02) has thrown his support behind House Bill 530, the Accelerating Broadband Development by Empowering Local Communities Act of 2019. Representative Neguse was the first member of the Colorado delegation to sign onto this bill.

“Representatives and government officials in Washington should be helping, not hindering, the development of the communities we represent,” said Congressman Neguse. “As our localities take steps forward to advance and support our towns and cities, we should support such efforts. This is why, I want to personally thank the cities of Loveland, Fort Collins, and Boulder for their passionate and knowledgeable advocacy on this issue.”

“We thank Congressman Neguse for actively soliciting the perspectives of local elected officials in forming his views on congressional priorities,” said Boulder Mayor Jones, who last month asked that Congressman Neguse co-sponsor the measure. “We appreciate his decision to take a leadership role in legislation that would roll back a FCC decision that increased the preemption of local control over the siting of wireless facilities in public rights-of-way and created an unnecessary conflict between federal and Colorado law.”

“Fort Collins is committed to its digital future by providing symmetric gigabit services throughout our community. FCC actions are an overreach impacting communities like ours, ignoring local concerns such as right-of-way impingement, aesthetics, and potentially health of our residents.” said Fort Collins Mayor Troxell. “We enthusiastically endorse House Bill 530, reestablishing local control and leveling the playing field for future broadband development.”

“Local government is the “boots on the ground”. On a daily basis, we listen to our residents and we address their needs and their concerns. To accomplish our mandate to serve and to protect, we must have control over what is allowed and how it is allowed within our City,” said Loveland Mayor Marsh. “I support House Bill 530. I thank Joe Neguse for his commitment to listen and to act on behalf of Colorado.”

In August and September of 2018, the Federal Communications Commission issued two orders that preempt local control over the siting of wireless facilities in public rights-of-way and on other property associated with broadband development. Localities across the U.S. have joined in a judicial challenge of these orders.

H.R. 530 would provide immediate relief to localities and avoid a prolonged battle in the courts. The bill would reject the FCC’s actions and restore local control over siting of wireless facilities.