July 10, 2019

Congressman Neguse Advocates for Robust Funding for the Postal Service Fund

Washington D.C. — Congressman Neguse has passed an amendment on the House floor to ensure robust funding for the Postal Service Fund. The provision will be included in the Fiscal Year 2020 Financial Services legislation. The Postal Service Fund provides additional funding to the revenue received from its customers to cover the costs of free mail for the blind as well as overseas funding. This amendment will support the Postal Service’s delivery services and assist in shortening post office wait times in rural areas in particular. 

“The Postal Service plays a fundamental role in connecting our nation, but current funding measures are insufficient to reach all parts of the country,” said Congressman Neguse “Many of the constituents across the mountain areas of my district have referenced issues with the Postal Service, with a majority concerning understaffed post offices and undelivered mail and packages. In rural areas where home delivery is inconsistent or lacking, this additional funding will help to restore the standards of the federal Post Office so everyone can access this crucial service.”

The Postal Service provides mail delivery to nearly 159 million city, rural, PO Box, and highway delivery points across the United States. The amendment will reallocate $1 million to the Postal Service Fund.