September 10, 2019

Congressman Neguse to Advocate for Colorado Gun Violence Prevention Bills in House Judiciary Committee Markup

The House Judiciary Committee will take up a red flag law and high capacity magazine ban in Committee markup spanning two days, both bills that Colorado has already passed into law

Washington, D.C.— This week, Congressman Joe Neguse, a member of the House Judiciary Committee will participate in a two-day mark up, expected to go late into the night on Tuesday, to discuss urgent gun violence prevention legislation at the federal level, including a ban on high capacity magazines and a red flag law. Colorado has led on both of these issues, passing a high capacity magazine ban in 2013, following the Aurora theater shooting, and signing into law an extreme risk protection order earlier this year along with 16 other states and the District of Columbia in response to the deadly mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. Large capacity magazines were used in the assault weapon massacre at Columbine High School in 1999, the Aurora theater shooting in 2012, as well as in the five most deadly shootings in the past decade. 

In June, Congressman Neguse brought Congressman Mike Thompson, Chair of the U.S. House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force to Colorado to highlight Colorado’s legislation in this area and make the case for similar change at the federal level. 

“In Colorado, the devastation of gun violence in our communities led state and local governments to step up to the plate and pass needed gun violence prevention measures, including background checks, a red flag law and high capacity magazine ban. These are vitally important bills that we must pass at the federal level as well,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “It is our responsibility to make schools, shopping centers, houses of worship and other public places safer for our children. While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to move forward any legislation in the Senate to protect our kids, the House Judiciary Committee is acting to ensure a safer future for the next generation. With these efforts, we can follow in Colorado’s footsteps by enacting real change on the heels of tragedy.” 

The Judiciary Committee markup will begin at 2pm ET/ 12pm MT on Tuesday September 10th, and can be live streamed here. Legislation to be considered includes:

  • The Keep American Safe Act (H.R. 1186), to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines. These magazines are a critical feature that makes many assault weapons particularly lethal.
  • The Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019 (H.R. 1236) amended to also include provisions from H.R. 3076, the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act to provide incentives through grants for states to adopt laws providing for Extreme Risk Protection Orders to prevent those deemed a risk to themselves or others from accessing firearms. 
  • And the Disarm Hate Act which includes those convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes in the list of categories of individuals who are prohibited from possessing firearms, and who would be prohibited from doing so through background checks.