March 12, 2019

Congressman Joe Neguse Supports the Dream and Promise Act of 2019

Washington D.C.— Today, Congressman Joe Neguse joined Democratic colleagues to introduce H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act of 2019. The bill provides a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and individuals with TPS and DED and ensures permanent protection from deportation for those individuals.  

“As the son of immigrants, I will always be a fearless supporter for the 800,000 immigrant youth who are living in fear and uncertainty as long as the DACA program remains at risk. The 2019 Dream and Promise Act is a long-needed fix that provides certainty and a permanent solution for our Dreamers,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “This bill goes farther than iterations have in the past, to include TPS and DED recipients, and to fully ensure that Dreamers can thrive in the only country many of them have ever known.”  

“Providing a pathway to earned citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, and DED recipients is vital and the Dream and Promise Act is an important moment in the ongoing fight for these vulnerable communities,” said Marissa Molina, Colorado State Immigration Manager at “The people covered by the Dream and Promise Act are part of our Colorado communities, they have lived and worked, and in many instances, built families in our state for decades. Congress should pass this bill immediately and we are incredibly grateful to Representative Neguse for his leadership working to protect these communities, today and every day.”

“H.R.6 is a step in the right direction, putting forward solutions for permanent protections without harmful enforcement policies. Our communities cannot live with continued uncertainty about whether or not we will be able to remain in the United States and with our families. Living from court decision to court decision in unacceptable,” said Cristian Solano-Córdova, a DACA recipient and Communications Manager for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC). “ A majority of Coloradans are in support of undocumented youth and voted accordingly in the midterms. It's time for our representatives to make those permanent protections a reality.”

The 2019 Dream and Promise Act would:

  • Provide conditional permanent resident status for 10 years, and cancel removal proceedings for DACA recipients providing that they have been in the U.S. for 4 years following the enactment of the bill, were 17 years or younger at their entry date, are not inadmissible on grounds of criminal, security, terrorism, student visa abuse or ineligibility of citizenship, have earned a high school or GED equivalent degree or meet employment criteria and pass security and law enforcement background checks;
  • Grant individuals with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) lawful permanent resident status and cancel removal proceedings if they have been in the United States for a period of 3 years before the Act’s enactment; and were eligible or had TPS on September 25, 2016 or had DED status as of September 28, 2016;
  • Allows Dreamers to access federal financial aid;
  • And ensures that individuals with conditional permanent resident status are able to access professional, commercial and business licenses.