Jobs & Economy

A strong, stable economy rests on supporting businesses and working families. In order for positive economic growth to continue, Congress must pursue policies that allow employees to benefit from the financial gains of companies; promote job creation for small businesses; and build ladders of opportunity to create economic mobility.

Growing the Middle Class

Despite recent growth in the stock market, we continue to see stagnated wages and growing economic inequality. The rising costs of child-care, increasing housing costs, lack of paid sick and family leave, as well as the inability for many workers to invest in retirement plans, creates significant barriers to growing wealth. Representative Neguse is fighting to ensure that American workers have basic workplace protections and fair wages that families need in order to pursue their economic goals. Representative Neguse supports fair wage policies such as the Paycheck Fairness Act and Raise the Wage legislation to increase the minimum wage to $15 to ensure that we build out an economy that works for everyone.


Access to affordable housing is the cornerstone to helping communities, families, and businesses thrive. A healthy housing market provides a mix of housing options - both homeownership and affordable apartments - for all households on the income spectrum. Numerous studies have proven that stable housing has benefits beyond putting a roof over one’s head, including improved early childhood education outcomes and reducing chronic health conditions. However, many Coloradans find themselves dedicating more of their income on housing costs as rental markets have tightened and housing sale prices have soared. Representative Neguse is working to balance the housing system to help Colorado families have access to housing that best meets their needs and financial goals while ensuring salaries can keep pace with the higher costs.  

Small Businesses, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Small businesses form the engine of our economy, making up nearly half of private-sector employment. Fostering an environment for entrepreneurs to pursue their business goals, enabling small businesses to grow and allowing employees to partake in the growth of a company not only builds a strong economy, but also creates a sustainable one.

Tax Reform

The success of businesses and workers depends on fundamentally reforming the tax code. By limiting deductions and eliminating special interest loopholes we can support job creation, encourage investments in small businesses and help working families keep more money in their pockets. We need a simple and fair tax code that ensures predictability for businesses, individuals and our federal budget.

Consumer Protection

Having served as director of Colorado’s consumer protection agency, Representative Neguse is committed to protecting the civil rights of every Coloradan and strengthening consumer protections and safeguards. As Vice Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law, Representative Neguse will continue to champion legislation on behalf of consumers.