January 13, 2022

Three Neguse Climate Provisions Enacted Into Law

Washington D.C.— Three proposals led by Congressman Joe Neguse were signed into law alongside the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 which would enhance climate resiliency at the Department of Defense. The provisions seek to strengthen our national security through robust, comprehensive climate action.

“The climate crisis is undoubtedly one of the greatest threats to our national security,” said Congressman Joe Neguse.“Tensions are escalating worldwide as extreme weather events caused by climate change create resource scarcity and displace millions. Thus, it is our duty to ensure that our military and our national security apparatus are proactive leaders in reducing America’s carbon footprint and in mitigating the effects of climate change. I am proud to have led this effort to prepare the Department of Defense for future climate impacts.”

The three bills signed into law are the:

  • Defense Energy Efficiency Act: Amends Department of Defense (DoD) building code standards to include modern energy efficiency standards, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the United States’ military presence;
  • Securing Technology Against Climate Act: Includes cyberattacks and the current and future impacts of climate change in new discussion reporting standards for the vulnerabilities of the National Technology and Industrial Base;
  • Local Resiliency Act: Expands the DoD’s  authority to protect local communities supporting military bases and state-owned National Guard posts from the impacts of climate change; 

Congressman Neguse has long been focused on addressing and mitigating the national security threats posed by the climate crisis. In 2020, he introduced the Climate Readiness Act of 2020, which directs the DoD to report and collect information on security threats caused by climate change. Moreover, since entering office in 2019, Congressman Neguse has helped lead the charge against the climate crisis, introducing several pieces of legislation ranging from wildfire recovery to his landmark proposal for a 21st Century Climate Conservation Corps.

In total, Congressman Neguse enacted 8 laws in 2021. During his first-term in the 116th Congress, he enacted a total of 9 bills, earning him recognition as the most effective lawmaker in his class and one of the 10 most effective legislators in the 116th Congress