December 03, 2021

Neguse Welcomes Completion of CO 9 Enhancements in Summit County

These infrastructure improvements are set to benefit mountain economies in the Second District by expanding access and making communities easier and safer to navigate 

Washington D.C.— Today, Congressman Joe Neguse celebrates the Colorado Department of Transportation’s completion of infrastructure and transportation improvements in the Second District along Colorado Highway 9 (CO 9). The project includes the widening of CO 9 to four lanes between Frisco and Iron Springs, drainage improvements, the construction of pedestrian underpasses, noise walls, and roundabouts, and the installation of new traffic lights in downtown Frisco.

“The completion of the Gap Project is integral to the continued growth of mountain economies and communities in the Second District, and I am thrilled that funds were supplied to fulfill these much-needed improvements,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “I offer my warmest congratulations to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Summit County Government, the Town of Frisco, and all partners who helped this long-time project finally come to fruition." 

“The completed project is the final stretch of the CO 9 ‘Gap Project,’” said CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew. “This has been a twenty-year effort to modernize the busy route between Frisco and Breckenridge in order to move vehicles through the area efficiently, as well as improve access and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. As a result, CO 9 is positioned to better accommodate the transportation and recreation needs of growing mountain communities and increasing tourism.”

“We are thrilled to see this project come to completion. The Gap Project has been a significant undertaking and represents a milestone for our community, thanks to the incredible work of CDOT, the Town of Frisco, and our partners,” said Summit County Commissioner Elisabeth Lawrence. “We know how grateful our community members are to have increased traffic flow through the new roundabout as well as additional access for pedestrians and cyclists to the Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area via the new pedestrian underpass.”

“The Gap Project has done a lot more than add more drive lanes for cars,” said Town of Frisco Mayor Hunter Mortensen. “It has created a better and safer experience for cars, pedestrians, and bikers with three pedestrian underpasses within one mile and with CDOT’s construction of more sidewalks and recreation paths in alignment with Frisco’s Trails Master Plan. The Town of Frisco is thankful to have partnered with Summit County Government and CDOT to make this stretch better for everyone.”

These improvements will increase access to the Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area and recreation paths throughout Summit County, making them safer and easier to reach. The eight miles between the Frisco Nordic Center and Breckenridge will include new winter recreation opportunities and expand existing outdoor experiences, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the recreation area from mid-December through March every year.