July 15, 2021

Neguse Secures Funding For Boulder Strong Resource Center, CU Boulder Rural Outreach Program in House Appropriations Bills

Washington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Joe Neguse announced that he has secured $275,000 in federal funding for the Boulder Strong Resource Center, and $275,000 to support CU Boulder’s Rural Partnership Outreach Program. Funding for both projects have been included in House appropriations bills. In total, Congressman Neguse secured over $6 million in funding for community projects in his district tobe included in the end of year spending bills.

“Both the Boulder Strong Resource Center and CU Rural Partnership Outreach are critical programs for strengthening our communities and I am proud to support them through the appropriations process,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “I was grateful to be able to tour the Boulder Strong Resource Center this week to learn more about the programs and services they are offering to our community.  As we heal and recover from the tragic events of March 22nd, it’s crucial that we ensure that the victims' families, King Soopers employees and our community members are supported with necessary resources and mental health services. This federal funding will help expand the great work underway at the Center, and ensure our communities have sustained support in the coming months.”

The Boulder Strong Resource Center began offering mental health services to the greater Boulder community in the wake of the March 22 mass shooting that took place in Boulder. They offer a variety of trauma-recovery, therapy, and other mental health resources. This federal funding would expand their capacity to serve the community, decreasing the lifelong potential for serious trauma-related health problems for those suffering with mental health conditions. Visit the resource center website for more information on the center and the services they offer.

“As we have seen in our community, gun violence and especially mass shootings leave a lasting trauma, and families, survivors and community members need support for years afterward,” said Boulder Mayor Sam Weaver. “We are grateful to Rep. Neguse for his support in helping to make the Boulder Strong Resource Center a beacon of hope and help for us all.”

“We are grateful to Congressman Neguse for his leadership and commitment to the health and well-being of our community in the aftermath of the Boulder Table Mesa tragedy,” said Dixie Casford, co-CEO of Mental Health Partners. “This funding will ensure that the #Boulderstrong Resource Center, managed by Mental Health Partners, serves as a place of healing and support for our entire community.”

The Rural Partnership Outreach Program works to extend and solidify pathways tohigher education for rural, first generation, and low-income students. It was created to provide more pre-college programming and outreach to low-income and first-generation students in rural communities across Colorado, including Fort Morgan and the San Luis Valley. The program offers students a wide variety of opportunities including: college and career exploration from seventh through twelfth grade; access to technology through the purchase of lender laptops; connectivity through hotspots; academic student evaluation and intervention; the opportunity to engage with local businesses through the creation of internship/apprenticeship programs; and an opportunity to attend a 2-week academic summer residential program at the University of Colorado Boulder to help familiarize themselves with the physical environment of a college campus during the summer between their Junior and Senior years in high school.

“The Rural Partnership Outreach Program at CU Boulder represents a sustained effort to introduce our young people to the opportunities that exist for them and give them the tools they need to take advantage of those opportunities,” continued Congressman Joe Neguse. “Every student across Colorado deserves access tohigher education, regardless of their background, income level, or zip code. I am extremely glad that funding for our Boulder communities will be included in this year’s appropriations bills.”

“I am thrilled the House education funding bill includes resources for CU Boulder toexpand its pre-college outreach programs to middle and high school students in Fort Morgan and the San Luis Valley,” said CU Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano. “I am grateful to Congressman Neguse for his strong support for Colorado students as well as the university’s efforts to support their academic success from middle school through college.”

CU Boulder’s pre college programs serve more than 1,400 low-income and first-generation students and their families across Colorado each year and 97% of program participants have gone on to continue their education at the college or university of their choice.

Read Congressman Neguse’s full requests here.

Neguse submitted several Community Project Funding requests to the Appropriations Committee, and has had remarkable success advocating for projects in Colorado’s 2nd District. The Boulder Strong Resource Center Expansion and Rural Partnership Outreach Program are among the 9 Neguse-sponsored projects tobe funded by this round of appropriations.