March 14, 2022

Neguse Secures $500,000 in Federal Funds to Build a Search and Rescue Training Center and Vehicle Storage Facility in Frisco

In August, Congressman Neguse toured the site of the new facility, see photos here. 

Washington, D.C.— Congressman Joe Neguse has secured $500,000 in federal funding to build a Search and Rescue Training Center and Vehicle Storage Facility in Frisco. The current facility in Frisco is a dilapidated structure that lacks adequate heat, space for vehicles and equipment and offers no appropriate training space. This funding would build a facility that can provide necessary and appropriate training and storage space to both the Sheriff’s special operations group and the non-profit volunteer Summit County Rescue Group.

In total, Congressman Neguse secured over $7 million in funding for community projects in his district that will be funded by Congress in FY 2022. The omnibus package passed the House and Senate last week.  

“Summit County runs one of the largest search and rescue operations in the country and their facilities are in dire need of repair,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “Building a facility to safely store vehicles and centralize emergency response training is absolutely essential, as Summit County sees a rising number of search and rescue calls due to high tourist traffic and a robust outdoor recreation economy. The $500,000 in federal funding we have secured in this year’s omnibus will support their new training and vehicle storage facility and help meet the needs of Summit Count’s search and rescue operation.”

In total, the facility will cost an estimated $6 million to build, with most of the funding coming from the county and the Summit County Rescue Group’s fundraising efforts.

Neguse submitted several Community Project Funding requests to the Appropriations Committee, and has had remarkable success advocating for projects in Colorado’s 2nd District. The Frisco Search and Rescue Training Center and Vehicle Storage Facility is among the 10 Neguse-sponsored projects to be funded in FY2022.