September 09, 2021

Neguse Secures $50 Billion For Forest Funding and Climate Conservation Corps In Committee Text for Build Back Better Act

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congressman Joe Neguse announced that he has secured over $50 billion to establish a 21st Century Climate Conservation Corps. The funding meets his vision for the program, which proposed $10 billion for workers and jobs to launch the program and an additional $40 billion to fund community resilience and wildfire preparedness projects through the Department of Interior and the U.S. Forest Service.  

“For over a year, we’ve been working to enlist a diverse, new generation of Americans to restore our public lands, suppress western wildfires and tackle the climate crisis, and I am thrilled to see our vision becoming a reality through the Build Back Better Act,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “We’ve said from the beginning that to establish a Climate Conservation Corps, we must both invest in a new natural resources workforce to put more people to work on our public lands, and massively scale up our investments in programs run by the Department of Interior and U.S. Forest Service which will restore our forests, protect our watersheds and help us tackle catastrophic western wildfires. With these components included in the Build Back Better Act, I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure that these funds and our vision for the plan passes through the House this fall.”

Funding for Neguse’s Climate Conservation Corps included in the Build Back Better Act includes: 

  • $35 billion appropriated to the U.S. Forest service for wildfire preparedness projects and forest restoration, including funding for the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Partnership Program, vegetation management, watershed protection and for post-fire recovery. This includes: 
    • $14 billion for wildfire prevention and mitigation, 
    • $9 billion for community resilience projects (grant funding for states and localities), 
    • $1 billion for the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Partnership,
    • $1 billion for vegetation and watershed management, 
    • $100 million for trail maintenance, and  
    • $250 million to restore burn areas. 
  • Over $5 billion appropriated to the Department of Interior to fund community resilience projects, wildfire preparedness and investments in the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership and Every Kid Outdoors program, as outlined in Congressman Neguse’s CCC proposal. 
  • $4.5 billion appropriated to the U.S. Forest Service for Civilian Climate Corps staff and salaries; 
  • $4.5 billion appropriated to the Department of Labor to fund new workers and job training programs for the Civilian Climate Corps, this includes $2 billion for AmeriCorps and $2.5 for DOL workforce programs that will focus on training workers for climate-focused jobs.

Neguse’s 21st Century Conservation Corps Act called for $9 billion to fund new jobs and $40 billion to fund community resilience projects on our lands and forests. He secured $7 billion for wildfire prevention and community resilience projects in the bipartisan infrastructure package expected to pass alongside the Build Back Better Act.