July 22, 2021

Neguse Request for $1 Million in Federal Funding for Clear Creek County Collaborative Care Center Included in House Appropriations Bill

Washington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Neguse announced that $1 million in federal funding for the construction of the Clear Creek County Collaborative Care Center will be included in this year’s House appropriations bill. The project, based in Idaho Springs, Colorado, will help centralize health care for Clear Creek County. 

In total, Congressman Neguse secured over $6,5 million in funding for community projects in his district to be included in the end of year spending bill.

“Access to affordable, high-quality health care is a pressing challenge for Clear Creek County and our Colorado mountain towns,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “$1 million in federal funding to support the Collaborative Care Center in Clear Creek County will go a long way to extend critical, stable access to primary and secondary care services and to improve the quality of life for residents in the county.” 

The new facility would streamline the health care process and increase the number of patients able to be seen and treated within the county. It would increase access to primary care, mental and behavioral health services, immunizations, and Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment CORE Services through one facility, housing a variety of healthcare services. 

Read Congressman Neguse’s full request here.

Neguse submitted several Community Project Funding requests to the Appropriations Committee, and has had remarkable success advocating for projects in Colorado’s 2nd District. The Clear Creek County Collaborative Care Center is among the 9 Neguse-sponsored projects to be funded by this round of appropriations.