April 29, 2019

Local Advocates Applaud Neguse’s Opposition to USMCA Drug Provisions

Washington D.C.— Congressman Neguse has joined a letter with other House colleagues to oppose provisions that limit access to medicines in the revised NAFTA agreement. Without changes to the underlying trade agreement, patients will pay higher prices for prescription drugs for longer and experience no relief from the financial burden often imposed on them and their families by unaffordable medication

“Already in the state of Colorado, approximately 500,000 Coloradans each year don’t fill a prescription because of the cost,” said Neguse. “This provision in USMCA would give pharmaceutical companies the power to extend patent monopolies and block generic competition throughout North America, leading to even higher prescription drug prices across the board. We must prioritize lowering the cost of prescription drugs for consumers across Colorado and across the country by opposing these provisions."

“If these provisions are included in the USMCA agreement they will lock in high drug prices in the U.S. and will spread onerous patent agreements from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada, make it much more difficult to find cheaper drugs across North America,” said Ken Bonetti of the Colorado Coalition for Fair Trade

“The rigged process that produced the pharmaceutical monopoly represented in the draft USMCA agreement need strong opposition and we are confident that the Congressman will be a voice for fair trade and resist the Pharma monopoly,” said Geof Cahoon, Boulder Area Labor Council for AFL-CIO.