February 19, 2020

GovTrack Releases 2019 End of Year Report, Congressman Neguse Shown to Have 7th Most Bills Signed Into Law in the Nation

Washington D.C.—GovTrack has released special year-end statistics which dissect the legislative records of Members of Congress across the nation. The report recognizes Congressman Joe Neguse for introducing the most bills of any other freshman lawmaker, and having the 2nd most bills signed into law by the President of the freshman class. Neguse introduced the most bills of any other member of the Colorado delegation, and had more laws enacted than any other Colorado lawmaker. Additionally, he is ranked 7th across the nation for his effectiveness enacting legislation into law. Nine of Neguse’s bills and resolutions had companion bills in the Senate. One third of Neguse’s bills and resolutions were bipartisan. See Congressman Neguse’s full GovTrack report here.

In January, Congressman Joe Neguse released his own 2019 End of Year Report, which highlights his accomplishments throughout his first year in office. View Congressman Neguse’s End of Year Report here. 

In his first year, Congressman Neguse introduced 30 pieces of legislation, including legislation to invest in regenerative agriculture research, expand opportunities for affordable housing, lower the cost of healthcare and combat the existential threat of climate change. In October, Neguse passed the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act out of the House of Representatives, the first major statewide wilderness legislation to pass the House in over a decade. The legislation was crafted by Coloradans over the last decade and would preserve 400,000 acres of public lands across the state and designate the first-ever National Historic Landscape at Camp Hale. He’s worked alongside county commissioners, city leaders, local housing authorities, higher education institutions and constituents across the district for each bill he’s introduced to help meet tangible needs for communities in the district.

In 2019, Congressman Neguse held 24 town halls and launched a first-of-its-kind service town hall initiative. His staff in the district hosted two community health fairs in Boulder and Fort Collins, a veterans resources fair, Congressional App Challenge, Congressional Art Competition and he launched two original service awards to recognize community members. Neguse was successful in helping to secure over $12,450,000 in federal grant money for the district, including a large grant for Grand County’s Lift system. Additionally, his staff returned $419,639 to constituents through casework. 

In August, Neguse hosted the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis for the Committee’s first and only field hearing in Boulder, Colorado where they heard from state and local leaders on Colorado’s leadership in renewable energy and toured federal labs across Colorado. Neguse also hosted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in Broomfield for a discussion on affordable health care innovation and in November joined the Speaker for a high-level congressional delegation to Madrid Spain for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP25 Conference. Neguse also played an integral role in passing the American Dream and Promise Act on the House floor in May, where he gave the final rebuttal arguments in support of the legislation ahead of final passage.