May 12, 2020

Congressman Neguse Secures $375 Billion in Direct Aid for Small Cities and Counties in Next House Coronavirus Funding Package

Congress announced today plans to include $375 for smaller cities and counties across the U.S. as proposed in Congressman Neguse’s Coronavirus Community Relief Act. Congressman Neguse was one of the first members to propose fixing the population limit provided in the CARES Act to ensure that every city and county received aid

Washington D.C.—Congressman Joe Neguse announced today that he has secured $375 billion for small cities and counties across the 2nd Congressional District and across the country in the next Coronavirus aid package. House Democrats today released text of the proposed plan, the Heroes Act, which would also extend unemployment insurance benefits; and provide more direct payments to Americans. Earlier this month, Congressman Joe Neguse—after speaking extensively with mayors and county commissioners throughout the 2nd district—introduced the Coronavirus Community Relief Act, bipartisan legislation to ensure direct aid is provided to smaller cities and counties excluded from funding in the CARES Act. As a member of House Democratic Leadership, Congressman Neguse has been advocating for direct local funding for the last few weeks, building nearly 150 cosponsors for his legislation and acquiring a companion bill in the Senate. 

See estimated numbers here of what each Colorado town and county would receive under this proposal. 

The proposed aid package from the House will include $375 billion for cities and counties with no population limit, and $500 billion for states. 

“Cities and counties across our district have been struggling economically to weather this crisis. From Vail in Eagle County that experienced one of the highest per capita infection rates to Gilpin County that is suspected to take one of the hardest economic hits, it is clear our local communities need our help,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “Since passage of the CARES Act, we have been working closely with community leaders throughout the district and with my colleagues in Congress to build support for a local community stabilization fund that has no population limit, and I am incredibly proud to see these critical funds included in the HEROES Act. We must meet this moment. We must ensure that every city and county in America has the resources they need to survive and prosper through this crisis.”

“Counties are on the frontlines protecting public health, safety and welfare while supporting businesses to reopen so people can return to work,” said Larimer County Commissioner John Kefalas. “Our county budgets are significantly stressed from COVID-19 expenses and reduced revenues. Congressman Neguse is a champion for counties and the people we serve with his proposal to provide $250 billion in direct funds to counties on the front lines of this pandemic."

“The economic impacts of the coronavirus have hit our county budget hard. Caring for the Summit community through this crisis requires increased resources for emergency response and public health, and simultaneously businesses being closed has drastically dropped sales tax revenue we would normally bring in,” said Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier. “It's essential that we have funds to pay our emergency personnel, increased staffing for public health needs, equipment and testing so we can continue to provide necessary services to our community. We applaud Congressman Neguse's work to ensure that counties and cities of every size may receive direct funds in the next relief package. This federal funding will be critical to support our community through the duration of the public health emergency and help us fully recover when it is over.”

“Boulder County workers are on the front line in helping and protecting people during this COVID-19 pandemic through public health, emergency response, human services and more,” said Boulder County Commissioner Matt Jones. “Congressperson Joe Neguse has been a champ in fighting for federal funding to meet these critical local and state government needs.”

In addition to securing funding for local governments, proposals from Congressman Neguse to provide $25 billion for the U.S. Postal Service, $11.5 billion for homeless assistance Emergency Solution Grants, a national prohibition on price gouging, a 15% increase in the SNAP program, improvements to the Strategic National Stockpile, hazard pay for front line health care workers, fair credit reporting on COVID-19 medical debt and the removal of a 20% election assistance grant matching requirement were also included in the HEROES Act.