March 30, 2021

Congressman Neguse Announces Application for Community Project Funding for FY22

Lafayette, CO—Congressman Joe Neguse announced today that his office is now accepting applications for federal funding to be allocated to community projects for the fiscal year of 2022. Through this new Community Project Funding (CPF) program, Members of Congress are able to request funding for up to 10 community projects within their district to receive federal funds. 

“Community Project Funding is an incredible new initiative that allows the federal government to better support our local communities,” says Congressman Joe Neguse. “Through this program local and state governments, and the federal government all get to work together to better the lives of the American people.”  

The new CPF program is being implemented with accountability measures to ensure a responsible and transparent process.  All CPF member submissions are required to be posted on in order to ensure full transparency.  Therefore, all information submitted by a requesting organization should be considered public information.  The House Appropriations Committee will also establish an online, searchable public database of all CPF requests received by the Committee.

The House Appropriations Committee intends to fund community projects on a limited basis in the FY22 Appropriations bills.  Therefore, CPF requests that address the most significant needs of local communities or provide a significant public good are more likely to be included.  Not every CPF request submitted by a Member of Congress will be included in the FY22 appropriations bills. To submit a request and for more information please visit here.

All completed project submissions must be sent in one email for each project to by Friday, April 16, 2021. A completed submission will include the required form, all supplemental required questions pertaining to the Subcommittee or Account being requested, and any supporting materials. 


Congressman Neguse has worked to bring federal funding to Colorado communities since he started in Congress two years ago. Congressman Neguse helped secure direct relief for cities and counties in Colorado through the American Rescue Plan. Congressman Neguse was one of the first members to propose fixing the population limit provided in the CARES Act in April 2020, after introducing the Coronavirus Community Relief Act, his proposal was passed in March 2021 which ensures that every city and county will receive direct COVID-19 stabilization aid. He also helped secure key Colorado funding priorities for public lands, federal labs, education, zero-emission transportation options, rural broadband, affordable housing, and more in the two end-of-year spending bills signed into law in 2019 for the fiscal year 2020.