March 12, 2019

Congressman Joe Neguse Statement on the Trump Administration’s Budget Proposal

Washington D.C.— Congressman Joe Neguse released the following statement in response to President Trump’s 2020 budget draft, released today:

“President Trump’s budget proposal yet again puts wealthy individuals first, increases the deficit and makes working Americans pay. It does not represent our values as a nation, or the mandate given to this Congress by the American people last November. The President’s request for an additional $8.6 billion for a border wall mere weeks after a government shutdown stand-off over his last request is irresponsible and contradicts the will of the American people. Congress made it clear that an expensive and ineffective border wall is not a realistic approach to fixing our immigration system, yet this President refuses to look for realistic solutions.”

“Additionally, this budget would severely impact Colorado families, cutting crucial funding for science research, affordable housing, healthcare and food stamps. The budget cuts funding for the National Institute of Science Standards and Technology (NIST)— including funding for the federal labs housed in Boulder— by 30 percent. It cuts the National Science Foundation— on which both students and professors at Colorado University-Boulder and Colorado State University rely—by 12 percent and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science and Technology Program by 35 percent. It eliminates critical funding for teachers and professional development that many schools in Colorado rely on. It dismantles the Affordable Care Act, including the Medicaid expansion—which currently benefits over 400,000 Coloradans. Finally, the President’s budget puts unnecessary bureaucratic barriers on those who depend on the Earned Income or Child Tax Credits or are receiving benefits from Social Security and other disability programs. Fundamentally, this budget would have a detrimental impact on Colorado, our economy and does not address the needs of the American people.”

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