January 20, 2021

Congressman Joe Neguse Statement on President Joe Biden's Executive Order to Rescind the Muslim Ban

Washington D.C.—Congressman Joe Neguse, today, issued a statement in response to President Joe Biden, as one of his first actions in office, signing an executive order to rescind the Muslim ban. Congressman Joe Neguse is the son of Eritrean refugees, one of the countries targeted in the African ban issued last year: 

“As the son of Eritrean immigrants, the promise and refuge our country has offered to immigrants and refugees for centuries is incredibly personal to me. I’m incredibly grateful that, as one of his first actions, President Biden will rescind the reckless and cruel Muslim ban policies of the Trump administration. America is a nation of immigrants, and it is vital that our values and our actions reflect this.” 


Since taking office, Congressman Neguse has vocally opposed every version of President Trump’s Muslim bans. He championed the No Ban Act and helped attach an amendment which would ensure the ban on majority-African countries, such as Eritrea, also be rescinded.