January 12, 2021

Congressman Joe Neguse Statement on Appointment as Impeachment Manager

Washington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Joe Neguse issued the following statement on his appointment as an impeachment manager in the Senate impeachment trial: 

“Six days ago, I stood on the House floor to defend our Constitution, our republic and the will of the American people, by certifying the results of the 2020 election. Moments after I rose to address the chamber and oppose baseless objections to our certification process, the U.S. Capitol was breached, as armed insurrectionists stormed the building. Wednesday’s attack left multiple dead, injured countless police officers and left tremendous damage. This was an attack on our American government, on our democracy and a very present threat to the peaceful transfer of power. 

It is profoundly clear this violent attack would not have happened without President Trump’s incitement. For weeks, he has perpetuated harmful misinformation about the integrity of election results, he summoned these insurrectionists to the Capitol grounds, he addressed them and directed them to march on the Capitol.

The President has betrayed his oath of office, and he is no longer fit to serve. His removal is of the highest urgency. Impeachment is a solemn duty, and one I don’t take lightly. Yet, at our present moment, it is our only option. 

When the House votes to impeach President Trump for inciting insurrection on our nation’s capital, I will vote yes. And it will be my humble honor to serve as an impeachment manager for the Senate trial and finish the work I began the morning of January 6th to defend our constitution.”