January 13, 2021

Congressman Joe Neguse Speaks on Impeachment on the House Floor, After Appointment as Impeachment Manager

View his remarks on the House floor here 

Washington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Joe Neguse, a member of House Leadership and a newly appointed impeachment manager for the Senate impeachment trial, spoke on the House floor ahead of the vote on impeachment. 

“President Trump’s actions – encouraging, inciting a mob that stormed the United States Capitol, for the sole purpose of stopping the constitutionally-mandated counting of electoral votes – cannot go unanswered by this body,” said Congressman Joe Neguse in his remarks. “He must be impeached.”

Neguse continued: “If Congress does not act, if we shrink from our constitutional responsibilities to defend our republic, it will undoubtedly undermine the vision of America, as “the last, best hope of earth” as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently said, so many years ago.

“So, to the millions of Americans watching today, I hope that you understand we are proceeding on this path out of love for our country. I will honor my oath today, I will vote for impeachment, and I pray that my colleagues will muster the courage to do the same.”