March 31, 2020

Congressman Joe Neguse Introduces Legislation to Protect Front Line Postal Workers and Ensure On-Time Mail Delivery During Coronavirus

The bill would provide $25 billion to the Postal Service Fund

Washington D.C.—Today, Congressman Joe Neguse introduced legislation to provide emergency supplemental appropriations to the U.S. Postal Service amidst the coronavirus pandemic to protect local postal workers and post offices. The Protect Our Post Offices Act would provide $25 billion for the Postal Service Fund. 

“As this public health emergency worsens, our frontline postal workers remain vulnerable to the coronavirus and our post offices require immediate support to maintain on-time and consistent deliveries for customers who are quarantining or vulnerable and rely on mail for essential supplies and food,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “This legislation would ensure needed support for the postal service, our frontline postal workers and ensure all Americans can continue to take advantage of mail services while they remain in their homes. This will help shore up postal operations throughout the 2nd District from Boulder to Evergreen to Bailey to Fort Collins.”

The Postal Service is anticipating a significant revenue loss due to the coronavirus. With a negative net worth of $65 billion and additional billions in unfunded liabilities, the USPS originally expected to run out of liquidity by 2021 without intervention, according to Fortune. That has accelerated rapidly because of COVID-19, with fewer people and businesses sending mail because of the outbreak. Additionally, just like hospitals, post offices are facing critical shortages of essential products to protect their workers from the coronavirus outbreak.