May 04, 2021

Congressman Joe Neguse, Colorado Delegation Members Request Funding for NASA National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program

The Space Grant program enables students in Colorado to engage in outreach activities and research projects that prepare them for STEM careers

Washington D.C.—Congressman Joe Neguse, along with bipartisan members of the Colorado delegation, has requested $60 million in appropriations be allocated to the NASA Space Grant program. The Space Grant is a competitive, state-federal partnership which engages students through outreach activities and research projects that prepare them for STEM careers. Space Grant Consortia institutions work together within each state to grow the nation’s high-tech workforce and help ensure the U.S. continues to lead the world in science and development. Colorado has 21 consortium members, including 4-year colleges and universities, 2-year colleges, and non-profit organizations. For every dollar NASA provides, Space Grant consortia contribute on average an equal or greater amount from non-federal sources to maximize resources available to students in their states.

“The NASA Space Grant program is effective in providing talented students in Colorado who are ready to take on some of our most innovative high-tech jobs with an opportunity to learn more about the STEM field,” said Congressman Neguse. “As a federal-state partnership, this program not only addresses national needs but has proven to be very effective at fulfilling state and regional STEM goals.”

The Colorado Space Grant Consortium has asked for $60 million in Fiscal Year 2022. Congressman Neguse and members of the Colorado Delegation are supporting this request and asking Appropriators in Congress for this level of funding in their letter. Read the letter here.