January 16, 2019

Congressman Joe Neguse Appointed to Serve on the House Judiciary Committee

Washington D.C—Today, Congressman Joe Neguse was appointed to the House Judiciary Committee, which oversees the administration of justice within the federal courts, administrative agencies and federal law enforcement entities. Congressman Neguse issued the following statement regarding his appointment:

“It is an honor and privilege to be appointed to serve on the Judiciary Committee in the 116th Congress. The Judiciary Committee will take up incredibly important work to ensure that our immigrant community is treated with respect, our voting rights are protected, our communities are protected from gun violence and that Congress remains an independent check on this President’s continued attempts to reach outside of his constitutional jurisdiction. As a lawyer, former Executive Director of Colorado’s regulatory department and a first generation American, I hope to bring my unique perspective and voice to this body. I commend Chairman Nadler and the work he has done leading this committee and I am tremendously grateful to serve alongside him.”