September 03, 2021

Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus Co-Chairs Neguse, Curtis Release 2021 Wildfire Resource Guide to Support Fire-Affected Communities

Leaders of Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus come together to help families escape, recover from this year’s particularly devastating wildfire season

Washington D.C.— Today, Congressman Joe Neguse was joined by Congressman John Curtis (R-UT) in releasing a 2021 Wildfire Resource Guide on behalf of the Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus. This guide is aimed at providing constituents across the West with general resources and information as wildfire season continues to rage. Neguse published his own, Colorado-specific guide in July 2021. The Guide includes information on how to prepare for evacuation, where to find local resources and how to replace federal documents if lost and more.  


“The first-ever water shortage has been declared for the Colorado River and 99% of the American West is experiencing drought conditions. Across the West, we see signs that wildfire seasons will only grow longer and more devastating,” said Congressman Neguse, Co-Chair of the Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus. “All members of the Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus are committed to preparing our communities to safely evacuate, shelter, and recover from wildfires. This guide will help connect folks with the information they need to stay safe and access local and federal resources.”

“Utah is experiencing yet another destructive fire year, with multiple wildfires raging throughout the state and across the West. These disasters wreak havoc on our communities – forcing Utahns to evacuate their homes and rely on emergency preparedness plans,” said Congressman John Curtis, Co-Chair of the Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus. “When we launched the Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus, one of our objectives was to provide individuals with the resources they need to prepare for and respond to wildfires near their communities. This Wildfire Resource Guide provides preparation checklists, emergency management contacts, and important tips on how to return as closely to normal life following a fire. The information in this guide will provide Utahns with the information they need as we continue into this fire season.”


As Chair of the U.S. Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands, Congressman Neguse has made tackling western wildfires a key component of his “Restoring Our Lands and Communities” Agenda. Congressman Neguse’s proposal to launch a reimagined 21st Century Climate Conservation Corps would make historic investments in wildfire suppression, mitigation, resilience and response. Earlier this year, Neguse launched the Bipartisan Wildfire Caucus to elevate conversations around this issue in Congress. He is leading the Wildfire Recovery Actand Climate Resilient Communities Act, legislation to help communities build back better in the wake of wildfires and flooding. 

In 2020 as Colorado experienced a record wildfire season, Congressman Neguse worked in close coordination with local firefighters and emergency management officials to ensure that communities in the 2nd Congressional District had the federal funds they needed to contain these wildfires and recover. He helped secure FEMA funds for containment efforts of the CalwoodEast Troublesome, and Cameron PeakFires. In January, Congressman Neguse helped secure a disaster declaration designation for Colorado’s wildfires to bring in more resources for the state. In April 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic intensified, Congressman Neguse was successful in ensuring firefighters and first responders be given priority for COVID-19 tests.