June 18, 2021

MAPLand Act Would Provide Digital Map Records For Public Land Use

The newly proposed federal MAPLand Act would provide resources to digitize map records as part of an effort to improve access to public lands.

Representatives Blake Moore (R-UT), Ross Fulcher (R-ID), Joe Neguse (D-CO) and Kim Schrier (D-WA) recently introduced the Modernizing Access to our Public Land Act to digitize federal land mapping records. 

“There are people that desperately want to know where they can go and enjoy these public lands," Congressman Blake Moore said.

He said the MAPLand Act would help provide updated information to hunters, fishers, hikers and millions of other land users.

Congressman Moore said it will help outdoor enthusiasts to have access to these records in a more technologically advanced way. He also said digitizing these records may help the issue of some areas being overcrowded.

“There’s more out there to enjoy. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding it," he said. "This MAPLand Act is something that is going to help open that up quite a bit.”

The MAPLand Act would help give resources to federal land management agencies to digitize files for public use, and require the agencies to provide seasonal information on vehicle and watercraft restrictions, hunting boundaries and public roads and trails.

By:  Harley Barnes
Source: Utah Public Radio