April 21, 2021

Colorado's senators also want to make Camp Amache a national historic site

A similar House bill was introduced last week by U.S. Reps. Buck and Neguse

Both U.S. senators from Colorado introduced legislation Wednesday that would make Camp Amache, where thousands of Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants were held against their will during World War II, a national historic site.

Democratic Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper said the bill would preserve a prominent relic from America’s dark past, inspire Americans to pursue justice for all people and honor those who suffered at Camp Amache.

The Senate bill is companion legislation to a House bill introduced last week by Democratic Rep. Joe Neguse and Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado. Buck represents southeast Colorado, where Camp Amache is.

The internment camp west of Granada was constructed in 1942. It housed more than 7,000 people of Japanese descent — most of whom were American citizens — in the 1940s due to a presidential executive order and was one of 10 internment camps. The site has been a national historic landmark since 2006.

The Neguse-Buck bill was first considered Wednesday in a House subcommittee on national parks that Neguse chairs. The subcommittee heard testimony, including from an Amache survivor, but did not vote on the bill.

By:  Justin Wingerter
Source: The Denver Post