June 08, 2019

Colorado’s freshmen congressman, Joe Neguse, stands for Dreamers

The U.S. House finally passed a bill that would protect Dreamers from deportation. It is unlikely to ever be considered in the Senate, but Colorado’s Rep. Joe Neguse refused to treat the likely doomed American Dream and Promise Act like a statement bill.“What we have lost in the debate today, in my view, is what this bill is all about at its core,” Neguse said addressing a rowdy House floor. “I rise today not just as a member of this body, not just as a proud American, but as a son of immigrants, a son of African refugees. That I am able to stand in this chamber today with all of you is proof that the American Dream is real and I want it to be attainable for generations to come. That is why we must pass HR 6 today. Right now.”

Neguse is a freshmen lawmaker elected to replace Colorado’s now-governor, Jared Polis, in 2018. His optimism that this bill could become law if only men and women were persuaded to do the right thing was refreshing in the face of a stark and depressing reality.

Senate President Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, told FOX News Radio that the bill would probably not be heard even as he expressed care for a vulnerable segment of kids and young adults simply trying to live their lives.

Source: Denver Post