August 14, 2019

Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Visits Colorado for Their First Field Hearing

Dear Friends,

I was honored to welcome the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis to Colorado's Second Congressional District earlier this month for the Committee's very first field hearing! Early on, our team advocated for Colorado to be the location for the committee’s first ever field hearing, and we were thrilled to have succeeded in securing the same! Chair Kathy Castor from Florida, Ranking Member Garret Graves from Louisiana, Sean Casten from Illinois, and Buddy Carter from Georgia came to Colorado to visit with our renowned scientists and to hear from local leaders.

From visits to Colorado's federal labs, who are at the forefront of green energy innovation, to a Congressional hearing with local climate leaders and educators, this visit was informative, inspiring, and will ultimately play an integral role in instructing the Select Committee's report on transitioning to green energy sources and combating the existential threat of climate change. I am grateful to my fellow committee members who traveled to Colorado to take part and look forward to continuing this critical work alongside them!


Together with my colleagues from the Select Committee, I was so pleased to visit many of the federal labs that call Colorado home, a number of which are right here in the Second Congressional District! From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's ("NOAA") in Boulder where we were able to witness the incredible work being undertaken in the Climate Diagnostics Center and the Environmental Technology Laboratory, to the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences ("CIRES") at the University of Colorado Boulder, along with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory ("NREL") which holds the innovative National Wind Technology Center, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research ("NCAR") each of these labs undertakes immense and inspiring work to educate and enhance not just our community, but our nation and world.

Seeing the dedication, collaboration, and brilliant work of these labs was enlightening for my fellow committee members and me, and I'm sure this experience will continuously inform us as our work to combat the crisis of climate change moves forward. Thank you to all of the labs that let us visit and shared your visionary work with us!


During our final day in Colorado, the Select Committee held a Congressional hearing with an insightful group of local leaders and climate experts on Colorado's local efforts to transition to green energy. Our panel included Governor Jared Polis, Mayor of Boulder Suzanne Jones, Mayor of Fort Collins Wade Troxell, CU-Boulder's Chief Sustainability Officer Heidi VanGenderen, and Director of CSU's Rural Energy Center Cary Weiner. These experts shared their knowledge, experience, and advise in promoting a future that focuses on green energy. The committee members were inspired by the commitments and ceaseless will of these experts in transitioning our communities to green energy and creating inventive solutions not just to react to climate change, but to fight it.

From our incredibly informative tours to this inspiring panel, the first field hearing of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis was an incredible success. I am so proud of all that Colorado and the Second Congressional District has to offer to our conversations about combating climate change and transitioning our nation to green energy. Together, we can tackle the existential threat of climate change and create a healthy, sustainable world to leave to our children and all future generations.


Joe Neguse

Member of Congress