February 27, 2020

One Step Closer to Establishing a National Women's Suffrage Monument

Dear Friends, 

I'm delighted to share that my bill to authorize the first outdoor women's suffrage monument passed out of the U.S. House of Representatives this week! This legislation was inspired by individuals in Colorado, who have been fighting for this monument for years and I am incredibly proud to usher passage of this historic legislation which will commemorate the women's suffrage movement, celebrate the women who secured equal voting rights and inspire our future generations. 

My daughter Natalie is just a year and a half old. As she grows up, I want her to feel represented, empowered, and assured of the fundamental role she plays in our society. When Natalie visits the Nation’s capital, she will be able to visit this statue, learn of the great struggle to ensure equality, and be assured that America’s sons and daughters stand on equal footing at the doors of opportunity.

This is a particularly proud moment for Coloradans to have a constituent create the statue and the Loveland-based Every Word We Utter Board directing the site selection and statue installation. 

I am also proud of the bipartisan cooperation from the entire Colorado delegation during this process. All six of my colleagues in the House were original cosponsors on my bill, and Senators Bennet and Gardner have co-led companion legislation in the Senate. 

I am dedicated to passing legislation and collaborating with my colleagues in the House to secure tangible victories for our communities. I am proud that this is the 7th bill I have passed through the House since taking office. Four of our bills were enacted into law last year, bills that extend funding for rural schools, protect Colorado wildlife in the Platte River Basin, ensure water access for the town of Minturn and make a boundary adjustment to Arapaho National Forest. Additionally, we passed the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act out of the House in October, which would preserve approximately 400,000 acres of public lands across Colorado, and passed a measure to enact national pre-registration. 

We're proud of what we have accomplished and ready for the work still ahead!                                         

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All the best,

Congressman Joe Neguse