November 04, 2019

Major Wilderness Protections for Colorado

Dear Friend,

I am thrilled to announce that my bill, the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy (CORE) Act, passed on the House Floor last week, the first statewide Colorado wilderness legislation to pass the House of Representatives in over a decade!

This legislation will preserve approximately 400,000 acres of public lands across the state of Colorado, including nearly 100,000 acres in White River National Forest in Summit and Eagle Counties, and it will invest in our outdoor recreation economy and the outdoor activities that are part of our way of life in Colorado, from hiking, biking, and boating to  backpacking, rock-climbing, hunting and fishing. This legislation is also special because it will establish the first-ever National Historic Landscape at Camp Hale to honor the storied legacy of the Army's 10th Mountain Division who trained for mountain warfare at Camp Hale in World War II.

The CORE Act was crafted by Coloradans over a decade of collaboration. County commissioners, outdoor recreation businesses, conservation groups, and ranchers have all come together to ensure that each portion of this legislation meets the needs of each individual community. From Gunnison to Carbondale, to Eagle and Summit Counties, and so many other communities across our state, Coloradans have been waiting for over 10 years for Congress to act to preserve the lands they love. Which is why, I am incredibly proud to be able to shepherd this legislation through final passage on the House floor, legislation crafted by Coloradans to conserve Colorado.

When I was growing up in Colorado, my father took me hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and White River National Forest. I want to ensure that my daughter Natalie and her generation are able to enjoy the American landscapes as I did when I was growing up. For many Coloradans and many Americans, public lands have made us who we are. They are the foundation of our state’s economy, they inspire our commitment to sustainability, they define our state’s character and spirit. It’s our job to protect and preserve them for the generations to come.

It has been my pleasure to work alongside Senator Michael Bennet on this legislation to protect our lands, invest in Colorado's $28 billion outdoor economy and honor the legacy of the Army's 10th Mountain Division.

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Congressman Joe Neguse