January 28, 2022

Leading Locally

Dear Friends,

As we strive to usher in a better future for our communities, our office has been committed to leading locally, by leveraging the skill, ingenuity and talent of our community to make policy changes that will benefit our state and our country. 

To that end, just last fall one of my constituents from Broomfield did exactly that, and reached out to our office to share an idea for a powerful policy fix to combat a pervasive discriminatory practice. After connecting with him, our office led over 50 House and Senate lawmakers in a letter to the FDA calling for the agency to change a policy that has stopped some LGBTQ+ individuals from contributing cornea tissue donations for decades. These guidelines, which have not been significantly updated since 1994, have contributed to a significant shortage of needed tissue products nationwide and unnecessarily harm the LGBTQ+ community. The broad consensus among the medical community indicates that the current scientific evidence does not support these discriminatory restrictions. You can read our letter to the FDA 

This week, I'm incredibly proud to see that the FDA will go forward and change this policy! I'm so grateful for the leadership of those in our community who spoke up and pushed for this change and I hope we can continue to work together to end the discrimination that has permeated our society for far too long.


  • This week I joined several of my colleagues in a letter to President Joe Biden requesting a full review of the National Fire Plan. As we continue to heal from the Marshall Fire, I am working to ensure we are crafting a whole-of-government approach to tackling western wildfires. This letter follows a bill that I recently introduced to support a three-pronged federal plan for wildfire prevention, suppression, and recovery.

  • This week, we announced that the American Rescue Plan has invested $1.1 billion in Colorado students and schools throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day teachers are accomplishing the impossible, as they work to ensure every student can thrive and grow amidst consistent challenges, and we must continue to ensure they are given every resource possible to achieve this.
  • I introduced legislation alongside Senator Hickenlooper to fix a technicality that unfairly bars co-ops from being eligible for SBA’s primary loan program. Small businesses are the heartbeat of our economy. Yet, far too often bureaucratic measures are keeping them from accessing the resources and support they need to grow and thrive. The Capital for Cooperatives Act will address one such roadblock, so that more people can unlock the funds they need to start or grow their cooperative businesses.

  • My bill to ensure our antitrust authorities have the necessary resources to protect consumers was included in the America COMPETES Act, comprehensive legislation being advanced in the House to address supply chain issues and rising costs. As a former regulator and leader of Colorado’s consumer protection agency, I know how critical consumer protection and antitrust enforcement is. I'm glad to see our proposal being advanced in Congress. Read more about this bill here. 

Please reach out should you need anything from our office. Please stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful!