December 11, 2019

I Take My Duty To You Seriously

Dear Friends,

I take my duty to you and our communities incredibly seriously.  It's why listening to your feedback and working in close coordination with our community leaders has been a priority since I took office. I am grateful to continue to hear from you through calls, letters and meetings to get your feedback and understand how I can best represent the 2nd Congressional District. Your voices are tremendously important as I craft legislation, speak with my colleagues and travel internationally to share the experiences and viewpoints of Colorado's communities with leaders around the world.


This past week, I had the privilege of joining Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on a high level congressional delegation to Madrid, Spain to participate in the 2019 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference, also known as COP25. Throughout the trip, we spoke with international leaders, faith organizations and NGOs to discuss strategies for combating the existential threat of climate change. Even while this Administration is unilaterally withdrawing from the essential global climate framework established at this same conference in 2015, local communities across the U.S., including in Colorado, have stepped up to lead on climate action.  It was an honor to represent Colorado in this global discussion, where we made it clear that the United States, led by states and local communities, is still ready to work to reduce our carbon footprint.

Thank you to those of you who made your voice heard on this matter! I was proud to communicate your viewpoints at such a crucial conversation. Please continue to reach out to me so that I can better represent your views and act as a platform for your valued opinions.


This past week, I introduced two bills to invest in science and protect federal researchers across the country. The Federal Lab Modernization Act will provide for a status study every two years of the infrastructure, security and energy efficiency at our federal labs to provide a pathway for modernization and improvements. Over the last year, I have had the pleasure to visit many of the federally-funded research labs across our district and witness first hand the need for updated infrastructure measures at many of these facilities. Our nation cannot remain a leader in research and development without Congress' dedication to providing the funding for these much-needed improvements.

The Stop Climate Censorship Act will address climate censorship at federal agencies by requiring political appointees to provide an explanation when attempting to remove climate mentions from federal materials. As a hub for federal research, it is essential that we invest in, modernize and protect the work of our laboratories in Colorado.


As an elected Member of Congress, it is important to me that our time in Washington is used effectively and efficiently to legislate on behalf of constituents. For that reason, I am proud of the volume of work that Congress has accomplished this past month, among which we passed legislation to protect Coloradans from illegal robocalls and advocated to protect voters through the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

In the last year alone, the House of Representatives has passed over 400 bills, including measures to enact universal background checks and protect our communities from gun violence, raise workers wages, lower the cost of healthcare, protect LGBTQ Americans from discrimination, provide for gender pay equity, reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, support our veterans, protect our elections, preserve 400,000 acres of public lands in Colorado through the CORE Act and maintain our commitments to climate action, among many other things. 275 of the bills we have passed were bipartisan. I am incredibly proud of the hard work done by my colleagues in Congress and look forward to another year of working for the people.


I recently had the opportunity to host an extremely successful health fair in Boulder, where constituents were able to learn about their healthcare options via engaging panels, health screenings, and resource tables. I'm excited to announce that we will be hosting a second health fair this upcoming weekend, this time in Fort Collins!                           

                                    Saturday, December 14, 12:00pm -3:00 pm

                                  Colorado State University Lory Student Center

                                                     North Ballroom

                                 1101 Center Ave Mall, Fort Collins, CO 80521

At this health fair, we are lucky to offer multiple information sessions on relevant topics including a Marketplace overview and suicide prevention training, both of which will be facilitated by healthcare groups in our community. My office will also be assisting with constituent services such as Medicare, Immigration, and Veterans Issues, among others. We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about your healthcare options!


The best part of my job is hearing directly from you, my constituents, about issues that you care about and that affect your daily lives. I hope you will continue to reach out and make your voices heard.


Congressman Joe Neguse